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Huion GIANO WH1409 14
Huion GIANO WH1409 14
Huion GIANO WH1409 14
Huion GIANO WH1409 14
Huion GIANO WH1409 14
Huion GIANO WH1409 14

Huion GIANO WH1409 14" Wireless Tegning Tablet Digital Grafik Tabletter Pen Tablet til windows og MAC OS med Handske Gave

kr1 389.86 kr972.90

Tags: tablet digital, trådløse tegneplade, tegning tablet, Billige tablet digital, Høj Kvalitet trådløst tegneplade, Kina tegning tablet Leverandører.


SKU: w1100

Nye Huion WH1409 14-tommer Trådløse Digitale Tabletter Grafisk Tabletter Pen Tablet Animation, Tegning Tablet Bestyrelsen for Windows og Mac OS Med Handske Gave

  • Enhed Type: stykke
  • Pakke Størrelse: 25cm x 15cm x 10cm (9.84in x 5.91in x 3.94in)
  • Pakke Vægt: 2.5kg (5.51lb.)

  • Hurtig Nøgler: 12
  • Pen Pres: 2048 Niveauer
  • Mærke: HUION
  • Model-Nummer: WH1409
  • Tablet-Forbindelse: USB eller Trådløs 2,4 GHz/EF
  • Tablet længde: 456MM
  • Tablet-Bredde: 266MM
  • Rapport Sats: 230RPS
  • Farve: Black
  • OS-System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10; Mac 10.8 eller senere
  • Pakke: Ja
  • Materiale: Plast
  • Type: Digital Tabletter
  • Netto Vægt: 1100g
  • Interface Type: USB

Andre Palmas


free shipping ORDER tardó six months arrive But alfinal repaying 24,87 arrived custom houses came EVERYTHING the death the rotten But BOX and white plastic the Good Is the latest plastic covered Graphics tablet the protected mojara not be work perfectly and Is recommended selling Purchase too pleased the end huge very good communication as if tube free shipping.

Yousef 90


tablet super. large area drawing. wireless module (tablet on the back of the hidden). брала 11.11 6500 p.

Seva Reper1


lovely, fast shipping good packing, синхронизировалось and установилось fast and all. this only shortcomings stylus dangles rod, prevent and buttons, need to keep in one position. basically врят find out if such price for better! pro for both beginners and recommend



tablet is gorgeous, unusual springy pen. but long out of the holidays moscow of walking дошел intact. to seller many thanks!



stunning tablet huge just drawing surface. wireless. momentary response. from russia. wife bought, now more yourself and want though is not in редакторах graphics